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Selamat ulang tahun ke 25, GNU & Free Software (software bebas) !

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

OK ini memang telat, tapi lebih baik terlambat daripada tidak sama sekali :)

Pada tanggal 2 September, 25 tahun yang lalu, Richard Stallman memulai gerakan Free Software (software bebas - bukan software gratisan). Dulu hanya mempengaruhi komunitas developer, ternyata, sejalan dengan semakin meratanya penggunaan komputer di segala aspek kehidupan, kini Free Software telah semakin dikenal oleh masyarakat umum.

Termasuk oleh Stephen Fry, aktor Inggris yang terkenal dengan perannya di film-film sukses seperti “A fish called Wanda” dan “V for Vendetta”. Perannya di “V for Vendetta” cukup terkenal - disitu dia tewas dihukum mati oleh rezim diktator karena nekat menyimpan sebuah karya literatur terlarang di zaman tersebut, yaitu Al-Quran :D
Cukup unik (and, at the same time; weird, amused, amazed) mendengar bagaimana karakternya di film tersebut, Gordon Dietrich, yang homoseksual, memuja Quran (this is the second time I’ve encountered such thing) karena “bahasanya yang indah”. Dan dia lebih memilih tewas daripada mengorbankan kebebasannya (untuk menghargai semua hal yang dilarang oleh rezim tersebut).

Hadiah dari Stephen Fry adalah sebuah video khusus yang merayakan hari ulang tahun Free Software yang ke 25. Pada video tersebut, Stephen menjelaskan tentang Free Software & GNU dalam bahasa yang sangat mudah dipahami. Cukup mencengangkan melihat orang tua yang lucu ini (Stephen Fry terkenal sebagai komedian di Inggris) ternyata memahami berbagai konsep dan filosofi dibalik gerakan Free Software. This guy is truly awesome.

Dan dia ternyata merasa tergerak untuk turut mempromosikan soal Free Software ini kepada masyarakat luas.
Saya jadinya tergerak juga untuk menyebarkan video yang unik ini kepada masyarakat kita :D

Silahkan video Ulang Tahun 25 GNU bisa Anda download dari sini (7 MB)

Jika Anda menggunakan video player yang mendukung subtitle, seperti V L C, silahkan download subtitle Bahasa Indonesia disini. (8 kb)

Versi lainnya :

[ Selamat Ulang Tahun 25 GNU Medium Quality ] (21 MB)

[ Selamat Ulang Tahun 25 GNU High Quality ] (33 MB)

[ Selamat Ulang Tahun 25 GNU Best Quality ] (125 MB)

File video ini adalah dalam format Ogg, yaitu format video yang, tentu saja, bebas tersedia untuk siapa saja. Tanpa batasan apapun.
Panduan untuk setup driver/codec untuk format video Ogg ini bisa dibaca disini.

Selamat menikmati, dan, selamat ulang tahun 25 untuk GNU & Free Software !

Welcome : Pesta Blogger 2008 !

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Kabar gembira, pada hari ini Pesta Blogger 2008 telah resmi diumumkan. Akhirnya, acara yang sudah lama saya tunggu-tunggu ini sebentar lagi bisa kita nikmati bersama :D

Detail selengkapnya :

Nama Acara : Pesta Blogger 2008
Tema Acara : “Blogging for Society”

Tanggal : 22 November 2008
Lokasi : Gedung BPPT II, Lantai 3, Jl. MH Thamrin no. 8, Jakarta (seberang Hotel Sari Pan Pacific)

Pendaftaran : Saya belum tahu bagaimana caranya. Coba kita ganggu pak Ong :)

Sampai jumpa di acara ini !

Jonathan Schwartz : Open-Source Business Strategy

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Now here’s something you don’t see every day - an article about business strategy utilizing open-source, written in clear and no non-sense language. Very easy to understand.

In summary; he recognizes the value of the community behind the open-source movement. He realized that with open-source, it may not be a quick sell. But within several years later, people will be coming at you in droves.

Understandably, this is not something that’s easy to be grasped by average company executives. But Schwartz realized this years ago, and able to explain it in ways that makes it easy to understand.
If you’re in IT business, do NOT miss this article.

Quoted :

All of which is to say - no amount of fear can stop the rise of free media, or free software (they are the same, after all).

The community is vastly more innovative and powerful than a single company.

And you will never turn back the clock on elementary school students and developing economies and aid agencies and fledgling universities - or the Fortune 500 - that have found value in the wisdom of the open source community.

Open standards and open source software are literally changing the face of the planet - creating opportunity wherever the network can reach.

I’m also starting to like this guy.
When his business was threatened by the competitions from open-source camp, he didn’t litigate. He didn’t choose the (seemingly, easy & safe choice). He choose to innovate.

And he’s reaping the benefit now. Even at the times of this financial crisis.

Well done Schwartz. Here’s hoping to the continued success of Sun in the future.

Disappointing new MacBook

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Since I got the news of MacBook’s refresh this October, I’ve been waiting quite eagerly to see what Apple is coming up with next.

However,  I must admit to be disappointed with the result.

Hardware-wise, it’s ok. Although I was really hoping that Apple will go with ATI, after the Nvidia disaster; but I assumed that AppleCare plan will be enough to protect me from it. Also, I still don’t know whether its 2 USB ports will provide enough power for my external hard disk, but I’m willing to compromise that.

The deal-breaker was the design.
What’s with the black keyboard + aluminium shell combo ? I have seen black MacBook, and I want THAT. This is the owner of aluminium Powerbook talking. The aluminium shell is very easily scratched. At least,  the Powerbook’s looks much better, with its matching silver keyboard. But black one ?

Unfortunately I’m one of those people who need to concern about the design of my laptop instead of just its functions/capabilities. I carry my laptop around to meetings, and the aluminium Powerbook does help to create good first impression.

Jonathan Ive - don’t tell me you’re running out of creative ideas already. This “new” MacBook looks just like the (VERY) old Titanium Powerbook - back in the 2001 ! What gives ?

In desperation, I even considered the new white MacBook. No can do, I want it black.

Or something different. But seeing that they’ve ditched the “Think Different” slogan, one can’t help but to think that the creative ones in Apple has lost it.

Right, looks like no new MacBook for me then. I’ll just probably look around for a good deal for the old MacBook Pro. Or if anyone knows any excellently-designed laptop, feel free to let me know.

My sensible-self is very attracted to Acer Aspire One though at this point. It’s probably the most  powerful Netbook I’ve ever seen, with loads of features. And 6-cells battery to boost (unlike MSI Wind) - giving 5.5 hours of normal usage. That’s sweet.

With the price of US$ 400, this can be considered a steal. Plus, it got really raving reviews on

What do you think ?