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Sunday, October 8th, 2006

It’s 05:30 and I’m already working… ok, let’s start with something light then.

Riyo of told me yesterday about a website, which I have let my browser opened on since; It brings way too many memories from the past.

Back then, BannerMania was dominating the banner-creation scene. Pretty much all banners created by computer back then will either be created by BannerMania, or PrintMaster. It hurts your eyes after a while though, so Broderbund’s PrintShop (and much later, Microsoft Publisher) was a welcome change.

I gained fame in my university after writing an article for campus’ magazine in Assembly language, compiled with Turbo Assembler. It was a small utility written to park hard disk’s read/write head to a safe place, so it won’t crash on a data-laden sector when the computer is shut down.
A lot of my friend was amazed to see first-year student already coded in Assembly. I don’t, since high school I have seen others (high schoolers) doing it for years. Some people are really bright, it’s quite scary.

With help from PC-Tools, I’ve managed to extract data from unreadable floppies. Since floppies still uses FAT12 data structure, it was quite easy to salvage data from it using direct sector access. Still, some people thought I’m some kind of wizard or something, heh.
I prefer PC-Tools v4.23 though (the link above is version 6.0), it’s simple, does the job with none the bloat, and very small at about 100kb (I think).

Being a Pascal hardcore, I was quick to obtain a copy of Turbo Pascal 1.5 for Windows when it was released, and started coding in it. However, like Wordstar for Windows, it’s pretty buggy, and I had to abandon it.

Not many people know this, but Windows for Workgroups 3.11 was a God-send (or, for Bill-haters, Satan-send). A lot of PC was first interconnected via network with each other with this. It was more stable as well than Windows 3.1 (surprise!)
In my previous job using this, we were able to purchase less printers, and started sharing them instead via network. It resulted in a lot of yelling though, “Is the printer ready yet ??”, “Hey, insert some paper there will you”, and so on - until we introduced them to WinPopup. Then people started to annoy each other with it *sigh*.
Well, at least only us knew how to SPAM the WHOLE network,especially when we’re pissed off. Respect mah authoritah !

When VisualBasic 3 showed up, I quickly realized that I can code multimedia applications easily with it. I recorded a few nasyid into WAV files, photoshop-ed a few graphics and photos; resulting in a (back then) jaw-dropping multimedia-rich interactive demo. With lots of buttons, of course.
I donated the demo to the Islamic society in my campus for use in the campus fair (where each society presented themselves to new students). I think they had a lot of new students signed up with them then.

Before WinAmp, we had trackers. Modplay was one of it. It’s really, really amazing to hear your computer playing polyphonic sounds from the internal speaker, which usually only sounded the boring *beep*.
Later I bought Soundblaster’s AWE32, and midi files suddenly sounded so awesome.
Then MP3 came, and everything became obsolete. *sniff*

GIF2ANSI ? What the heck is that ? Well, on the “black screen” (DOS), ANSI was the graphic for the (otherwise) boring console. Believe it or not, just by using text, people managed to create astoundingly great art. GIF2ANSI makes this process simple and a no-brainer for a, well, no-brainer.

ASCIImation is where you can watch StarWars in ASCII. “Awesome” is not descriptive enough to explain it.
And in ASCIImator you can find lots of modern ASCII arts.

Right, I REALLY have to start working now. Enjoy !

Jagalah Rumah Anda di Internet

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

Barusan saya mampir ke sebuah situs milik kawan saya, tapi dengan terkejut saya menyaksikan bagaimana situs tersebut telah diserobot oleh orang lain dan kini berisi iklan-iklan :(

Kelihatannya ybs terlambat memperpanjang sewa domain namenya. Sehingga berhasil dirampas oleh hijacker.

Seorang kawan dulu pernah kehilangan juga domain name hotelnya, Setelah beberapa tahun menjadi situs iklan, akhirnya kini domain name tersebut diambil alih oleh garuda hotel - di Nepal.

Kawan yang lainnya dulu pernah memiliki website yang cukup populer, dengan alamat Namun suatu hari dia lupa memperpanjang sewanya - dan sampai kini website tersebut menjadi situs porno.

Apa yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk mencegah terjadinya hal ini ?

  • Buat satu buah alamat email dengan domain name Anda sendiri
  • Atur agar semua domain name Anda didaftarkan dengan alamat email ini
  • Buat catatan yang rapi tentang domain name yang Anda miliki; tempat membelinya, tanggal expire, dll

Namun, apa yang bisa Anda lakukan jika nasi telah menjadi bubur ?

Untunglah sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu telah ada sebuah layanan yang bernama Internet Archive. Dengan slogan “Universal Access to Human Knowledge”, website yang pernah di index olehnya akan selalu terus tersedia, walaupun telah dibajak oleh orang lain sekalipun !

Sebagai contoh, situs masih bisa diakses dari sini (walaupun tidak up to date). Sedangkan situs bisa diakses dari sini.

Bagaimana jika situs Anda ternyata belum muncul di Internet Archive ? Tidak perlu bingung, silahkan bisa langsung Anda daftarkan disini.

Tunggu apa lagi, segera amankan rumah Anda di Internet ! updated

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

Sepertinya Menpera baru saja kembali dari sebuah perjalanan dinas, karena baru-baru ini aktif kembali di situs beliau. Ya, ada beberapa komentar di weblognya yang dibalas sendiri oleh beliau. Andakah yang beruntung ? :)
Juga karenanya kemungkinan besar akan ada posting-posting baru di weblog beliau dalam waktu singkat ini. Makin menarik saja :)