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PHP : Form Builder / Generator

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

My work is involving more and more PHP-based forms, so I decided today to find a good form generator to save my time.
Here’s my requirements :

  1. Willing to pay : I’m willing to pay for the right solution.
  2. Easy to use : Some of the script actually make life harder for you, go figure. I was looking to save time, not to spend more of it
  3. Flexible : I still need to apply my own style / formatting. The solution must allow me to do this, while comforming to the second requirement above
  4. Saving to database : some PHP form makers / generators will only allow you to submit the form to be send by email.
  5. Validation : surprisingly, quite a lot of the (even) commercial solutions out there are missing this.
  6. Source available : I need the source code available to me, in case of problems / need for further customizations. Some packages doesn’t give you this.

Too picky ? Well, my needs are quite advanced indeed.
Anyway, I spend almost two hours browsing around with no joy, until suddenly …. to my surprise (again), it seems that the best solution for my needs is an open source one - the HTML_QuickForm PEAR Package.

It’s easy to use (see the tutorial for yourselves).

It’s definitely very flexible; it provides 8 renderers and support several template engines ! It allows you to process the submission however you chooses with the process method - by email, to database, or you can also process it straight away in the same script.

And validations… it’s really sweet. You can choose whether to do it on the server or client side. When you choose to do it on the client, it automatically generate the needed Javascript codes for you. Awesome is not descriptive enough word for it.
There are many ready-to-use validation rules; alphanumeric, lettersonly, maxlength, minlength, etc - and the regex rule fulfill any other needs that’s otherwise not available.

With the source also available, it’s really hard for me to look for anything else. But if you think you’ve found something better, feel free to let me know.


Oracle hijacking RedHat Enterprise Linux

Friday, October 27th, 2006

I just realize that there’s a new distro called Oracle Unbreakable Linux.

Oracle, now realizing that they’re completely incapable of creating an unbreakable product, decided to hijack other’s product, and labeled it as unbreakable.
And when it breaks, they’ll smugly point their fingers to RedHat. Dilbert’s boss would be so proud.

This is why I don’t like Larry Ellison as much as I don’t like Bill Gates.

Anyway, if I’m a business owner, I’ll choose RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) over Oracle’s. Because what Oracle’s doing is pretty risky.
An example; if suddenly RedHat chooses to change the license for some of its own products in RHEL, this would keep Oracle from having it. Which would leave Oracle Linux’s customers (you) with an incomplete product.

Oracle, of course, may create its own version of those products. But it will instantly cause their mission to fail :

“We think it’s important not to fragment the market,” said Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven. “We will maintain compatibility with Red Hat Linux. Every time Red Hat distributes a new version we will resynchronize with their code.

PS: What Oracle’s doing is indeed legal. But, to me, it’s not ethical.
The company owned by the ninth richest man in the world, hijacking a small company’s product ? That just tells you how technically incapable they are, really.

TCCO : Cheat sheets :: IT

Thursday, October 26th, 2006
Cheatsheet (CS) is a / several page(s) of condensed information on certain topic, which acts as a quick reference. It’s very handy because it’s just a page with most of the information that you need already there. Remember your cheatsheets back then when you’re still at school ? Amazing isn’t how much information we all managed to cram on so little piece of paper :) It’s basically the same, but these cheatsheet are not for school exams - they’re for life exams : our daily job. Note that creating a good cheatsheet is no easy task. Some authors have donation links put up on their pages. Therefore, if you found anything useful (eg: saved you lots of time / it’s a lot of convenience / actually saved your butt), consider donating. The authors deserves it. Here I’ll try to list all (good quality) cheatsheets on IT. If you see something missing, please feel free to comment, and I’ll add it. Thanks.
  1. ActionScript
  2. Apache : As the swiss-army knife of webserver, Apache is indeed very flexible, and has a lot of configuration settings. The result: even seasoned Apache admins will be forced to dig their Apache bibles from time to time to be able to do certain things. The cheatsheets below aim to help them with that.
    • Pete’s Apache CS : basic Apache CS, useful with daily tasks. Not very comprehensive, but should be enough for most.
    • Andrew’s Apache 1.3.x CS : Quite comprehensive, probably the best Apache 1.3.x CS out there.
    • Dave’s mod_rewrite CS : This is one of the most powerful of Apache’s modules. Beginner Apache admins tend to avoid this plugin whenever they can. Some breathes this daily though. All should be able to benefit from this cheatsheet.
    • Jackol’s htaccess CS : nice one !
  3. ASCII codes
  4. ASP : To be honest, I’m no ASP expert. So your suggestions are especially welcome on this.
  5. Blogs
  6. C & C++(aka THE programming language)
  7. CSS (Cascading Syle Sheet) :
  8. Database
  9. Debuggers
  10. Editors
  11. HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) / Web in general :
  12. Java
  13. Javascript :
  14. Microformat : frankly, the first time I heard about Microformat is when I browsed Dave’s excellent website. Looks very interesting.
  15. Perl :
    • The Perl CS : Most will find no reason to look for something else.
    • Catalyst CS : it’s a web application framework for Perl
  16. PHP :
    • Dave’s PHP CS : Not bad, but for something as extensive as PHP, the cheatsheet may need to be more than 1 page long.
  17. Regex (Regular Expressions) : You’re not a true programmer if you have no idea what Regex is. For those wishing to learn it, many found Regex Coach to be a great help.
  18. Ruby on Rails :
  19. Security : somebody actually had the idea to make CS for this ! well done.
  20. UNIX
  21. Utilities : there are numerous utilities out there. Some are very useful, yet rather hard to use (to put it politely). Here are a few CS to help you with it
    • Screen CS : screen is a small UNIX utility which is very useful for remote work - if your connection got disconnected, just reconnect again, and your terminal will be as before you got disconnected.
  22. Version Controls
  23. Web Services
  24. Miscellaneous : other bits still relevant to IT
More links :’ cheatsheet tag.

Annisa, an Indigo Child from Indonesia

Friday, October 20th, 2006

At a glance, Annisa Rania Putri doesn’t seem to be a special girl. Born on 1999, there was nothing special on her birth as well, except that she was born though Caesarian operation. However, when she spoke on an audience on Tuesday, 17 October in Jakarta, everyone’s jaw was on the floor.

To see an Indonesian speaking fluently in English, especially at an age of only 6 years old, is quite something. But I’m sure you’ll say “impossible !” when I declared that this girl also speaks Korean, Arabic, and Dutch. Yet, this is the case here.

In Padepokan Toha, Jakarta; hundreds of people were mesmerized by the speech delivered by this indigo child. She advised people, decades older than her, to fast (this was the month of fasting for Muslims, Ramadhan). This is because fasting will cause people to love each other. As it spreads, peace will prevail. “With fasting, we can get rid of our negative energy, and develop the positive energy which is love”, said Annisa in English.

In her childish style, she continued her messages. People must not lie, she said. To those who already had this as a habit, they must try to be honest from now on. Fasting can help too with this.
“Do not lie, because once you lied, you will keep doing it until you’re old”, she said.

Delivering awesome speech is not her only special ability. She can also design house — she designed a 4 story house in Kelapa Gading area, Jakarta. With no formal education in architecture whatsoever.
She can also build her own computer and operate it.

Accoding to Mrs Yenni, her mother, Annisa’s special abilities began to show around October 2002. She claimed to see a big flower close to their home, but Mrs Yenni couldn’t see anything.

Annisa then started to call her by her name (this is highly unusual in Indonesia).
“(It’s OK,) I’m older than Yenni anyway”, said Annisa.

Hopefully the future will be only even better for Annisa. Congratulations to her family !

Source: Tribun Timur newspaper

Max Studio menang !

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Barusan membaca di The Asia Tech, ternyata akhirnya Max Studio memenangkan kompetisi The Cutting Edge Coding Competition 2006 ! Selamat untuk Kukuh dan kawan-kawan di Max Studio.

Satu lagi bukti bahwa para pakar IT Indonesia memang berkelas dunia. Semoga akan semakin banyak yang menyusul.

Slashdot Wisdom #1

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

From this comment :

Remember: There are only two tools in life. WD-40, for when something doesn’t move, and should; and Duct Tape, for when something is moving and it shouldn’t.

The reply is even more clever :

So does the universe explode if you spray duct tape with WD-40?

I hope nobody will try to do that for our own sake !

Paypal di Indonesia - belum bisa withdraw…

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Gembira sekali sewaktu membaca posting Wahyu bahwa PayPal kini sudah menerima pendaftaran dari warga negara Indonesia. Segera saya membuka account baru disitu.

Lalu saya cek bagian yang paling penting - withdrawal / tarik duit :)

Lha, muncul pesan berikut ini :

PayPal accounts opened in this country or region currently cannot withdraw funds. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

We are continually expanding our global network to give valued users like you greater access to the wide range of PayPal options.

Ah.. kelihatannya masih harus menunggu lagi.

Anyway, ini sudah mendingan dari sebelumnya. Mudah-mudahan penungguan yang sekarang ini tidak terlalu lama.

Cara Mudah Belajar PHP

Friday, October 13th, 2006

[ Tutorial-tutorial ini ]ditujukan bagi mereka yang belum tahu mengenai PHP sama sekali.
Namun jangan salah, ada banyak juga materinya yang sangat berguna bagi programmer PHP pemula / menengah.

Selamat membaca !

XL Corporate : Billing service

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

1. Ketik *108# lalu tekan dial (up to date!)
2. SMS ke 9767 dengan isi “BILL” untuk mendapatkan rincian tagihan XL Anda (laporan tagihan s/d kemarin).

Kemarin, tiba-tiba HP tidak bisa digunakan, karena “Account Anda diblokir karena telah melewati credit limit”. Lha, perasaan enggak ada menelpon kemana-mana yang mahal, jadi rasanya mustahil kalau baru tanggal 11 Oktober saja sudah melewati credit limit (Rp 1 juta).

Jadinya coba cek ke nomor 818 pagi ini pukul 08:45

Lebih lucu lagi, pertama kali disambut “For service in English, press 1″… tunggu sebentar, lho tidak ada pilihan untuk memilih bahasa Indonesia.
Ya sudah, pencet satu. Lha….. layanannya ternyata dalam b.Indonesia :)
Kemudian terdengar “Tekan 1 untuk layanan billing, yo wis, pencet 1.

Hm.. hening.

Setelah lama menunggu, akhirnya telpon saya tutup. Lalu coba dial 818 lagi.

“Untuk layanan dalam bahasa Inggris, tekan 1″ … lho, beda sambutannya. OK, tekan 1.
Lalu terdengar berikutnya, “Untuk layanan informasi kartu Jempol, tekan 1″ …. :D … sampai akhirnya selesai semua jenis kartu XL disebut, dan tidak ada pilihan untuk mendapatkan informasi billing sama sekali.

Lha, bagaimana saya mau cek tagihan saya ya..

Kemudian penasaran maka berkali-kali saya mencoba dial 818. SETIAP kali dicoba, menunya selalu berubah kembali.
Ajaib tenan :)

Setelah beberapa lama, akhirnya saya sadar bahwa kadang ada pilihan “Tekan 0 untuk berbicara dengan customer service kami”. Maka kemudian saya dial 818 berkali-kali (dan nyengir sendiri mendengar menunya yang jago polymorphing itu) — sampai akhirnya terdengar pilihan untuk berbicara dengan customer service, maka saya segera menekan tombol 0 (nol).

Apakah saya akan menunggu di antrian selama berjam-jam (a la Indosat Matrix) sebelum dapat berbicara dengan staf Customer Service XL ?
Alhamdulillah, ternyata tidak perlu. Hanya dalam waktu sektiar 2 menit saja, sudah ada yang menyapa dan membantu saya. Dari ybs saya menemukan bahwa kita bisa mengetahui detil tagihan kita dengan SMS ke 9767 dengan isi “BILL”.

OK, menu layanan customer service boleh berubah-ubah. Tapi mudah-mudahan tagihannya tidak yaa… kecuali, kalau berubah makin kecil. No problem ! :D

keywords: cek tagihan pulsa xl

Teknologi anti nyamuk

Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Dari milis teknologia :

From: Eko Prasetya
Subject: [teknologia] Re: teknologi anti nyamuk ?

Ini ada cara yang lebih murah, walaupun mungkin ngga se-efektif skeeterbag.


On 10/10/06, Ronny Haryanto wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2006 at 03:49:27AM -0000, Luki Rustianto wrote:
> > Saya sudah desperate nih menghadapi sebuah hewan kecil imut yang
> > bernama nyamuk, kebetulan rumah daerah yang deket banget sungai jadi
> > kalo menjelang malem kompisisi jumlah nyamuk dan manusia bisa 100:1,
> > artinya kita gerak dikit udah tabrakan sama nyamuk yang terbang.
> >
> > Ada yang tau tips, trik, sulap, pengalaman pribadi dsj yang efektif
> > mengusir nyamuk ?
> Murah meriah. Bisa ditiru idenya. Nangkep nyamuk sekaligus ngadem.
> Pake hewan, manusia, atau lampu (sumber panas/cahaya) untuk dijadikan
> “umpan”. Hehe.
> Ronny