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Spam Karma 2

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

I just realized that Akismet marked 4 legitimate comments, today, as spam. That’s too much false positive for one day, no way I’m gonna wade through 24000+ spam to find out the other false positives.
So I installed Spam Karma 2 instead.

So far, looks like this is one quality WP plugin. I just unzipped in plugins directory, activate it, and it works straight away. Most will find no need to change the default settings, it’s already good enough.

Kudos to Dr. Dave for the excellent work. Also thanks to Eko for introducing me to SK2.

QKLK: Status Pembangkit Listrik Jawa-Bali

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Cool… website informasi beban pembangkit listrik Jawa-Bali. Ngeri juga melihat perbedaan antara daya tersedia dengan beban puncak, he he. Satu pembangkit mati, bisa banyak daerah yang langsung gelap :)

Finding Eel A Soulmate

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

Salut banget dengan rasa setiakawan tim, yang telah membuat situs Finding Eel A Soulmate. Congratulations to Eel, for having such good friends. Good luck !

Buku Edubuntu

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Setelah menyelenggarakan 2 kali installfest Edubuntu, ternyata masih ada lagi kejutan dari Pak Toosa - sebuah buku berjudul “Edubuntu, Pedoman Praktis Linux untuk Pendidikan“. Well done !

Bagi para praktisi pendidikan yang ingin beralih ke Linux, buku ini dapat membantu Anda mencapai tujuan yang diinginkan. Harga Rp 40.000 (sudah termasuk CD Edubuntu), bisa dipesan ke (Untuk luar Jabodetabek + ongkos kirim)

Sekali lagi selamat dan salut kepada Pak Toosa & Pak Rusmanto untuk hasil karyanya ini.

Jakarta Bloggers goes International

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

If you’re a blogger, or wish to be, and live in Jakarta; would like to have you on-board.

Metroblogging is a unique website where bloggers there are blogging about their own city. I think this is an excellent opportunity to introduce Jakarta (and Indonesia) from our own perspectives.

If you’re interested, [ just click here to apply ].

Here’s the email from Sean :

From: Sean Bonner
To: Harry
Subject: Re: MetBlogs Author Application - Jakarta

Thanks for getting in touch about writing for Metroblogging. We’d love for you to write for us!

Sorry for this form-lettery sounding note but there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve got to tell you so here goes:

At this point, all of our writers are volunteer. While some aspects of that might change down the line, currently we can’t offer to pay anyone for blogging. Hopefully this gets a lot of people a lot of exposure and gets your stuff in front of people it wouldn’t have been otherwise and all that.

The general agreement is this - you own everything you write and can stop writing at any point, but by writing it for our site you grant us permission to use it and keep a copy even if you leave - You own your name, we own the company and site names. You are responsible for your own words. Pretty basic. By replying to this e-mail you agree to those terms.

We’re also counting on you to post several times a week as you said you could in the application. If you don’t think you can actually do that please let us know right away. We’ll be kind of bummed if we set you up and then you don’t keep posting.

I need to know what e-mail address you want to use as your contact, this will be for internal mailings and such.

You are also going to need a short bio for the site, this is where you can brag about anything else you are working on or link to your own blog, or anything at all. When your account it set up you’ll be able to add this at that point, so it might be a good idea to get something ready.

Thanks. Once I hear back from you we’ll be added to the mailings lists right away, but it will take a few days to get you access to the site.

Again, if you have any questions, let me know, and thanks again for being involved, I think this is going to turn out very cool. Thanks!


PS - The cities that are not active yet (both those listed and unlisted) will be made active in order of what fills up first.
We are trying to get 10 bloggers per city to give things a good perspective,
so please feel free to pass this on to other people in your town
because the sooner we get to 10, the sooner we launch the city.

Agregator @

Friday, September 22nd, 2006

Selama ini saya kesulitan mengkonsolidasikan RSS feed saya, karena lokasi saya yang selalu berpindah-pindah dan tidak selalu menggunakan komputer yang sama. Solusinya, jelas saya membutuhkan sebuah RSS reader yang berbasis web, sehingga bisa diakses dari mana saja dan kapan saja.

Tapi setelah mencoba berbagai agregator seperti Bloglines, Kinja, dll; akhirnya justru tidak terpakai oleh saya karena LAMBAT :)
Maklum sih, karena server mereka berada di luar negeri. Namun sementara itu, kebutuhan saya tetap tidak terpenuhi

Akhirnya saya mendapatkan ide untuk membuat layanan semacam Bloglines — namun di, sehingga aksesnya bisa sangat cepat. Hal ini dimungkinkan karena server berada di Indonesia.

Dengan gembira saya mempersembahkan [ Agregator @ ]

Kelebihannya :

  1. Cepat ! server berada di Indonesia, dan terkoneksi dengan baik.
  2. Layout minimalis ! tidak ada iklan, hanya ada satu grafik, sehingga browsing RSS feed menjadi menyenangkan.
  3. Customizeable : Buat account, dan mulai membuat agregator Anda sendiri.

Selamat menikmati !

nb : ada yang mau membantu membuatkan template CSS yang bagus untuk ini ? ;)

Breaking news : Website pra sejarah ditemukan kembali

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Well, gak pra sejarah amat sih :) tapi yang jelas sudah lenyap dari Internet — sampai kemudian saya temukan kembali di .. wuih, terharu euy…

  1. Blog jadul : Belum ada WordPress dkk, gak mau nebeng di blog gratisan (takut contentnya nanti lenyap/tersandera) walhasil blognya dibuat sendiri :D pakai PHP3, hihi.

    Sudah up sejak Januari 2001 (halo Mas Budi, keduluan saya beberapa bulan ya ;) ).

  2. Birmingham’s Citizen Forum : Suatu saat ketiban tugas untuk membuat forum agar masyarakat bisa berinteraksi dengan para wakilnya. Masalah: phpBB tidak mendukung Oracle, database standar di Birmingham City Council. Alhasil, selama beberapa minggu pontang-panting mempermak phpBB, sampai akhirnya bisa konek ke Oracle, hore!

    Sayangnya, setelah kepergian saya, tidak ada yang bisa meng apply patch-patch udate dari tim phpBB, sampai akhirnya forum tersebut di hack, dan terpaksa di shutdown sampai sekarang ….

Wow, nostalgia ….

Freenode founder died, family in debt

Monday, September 18th, 2006

I was frozen for a few moments when I read the news.
Rob Levin died at age of 50 on 16 September, when a car hit him on 12 September. He left behind a wife and a children, Benjamin.

No prejudice / cynical remarks on him not wearing helmet please; I didn’t wear one when I was cycling in Birmingham - the helmet belt was choking me and I wasn’t able to find one which doesn’t. I’m sure Rob has a good reason too.
I ended up taking emptier routes - Birmingham’s canals sports only people and cyclist, no cars. Rob seems to has no choice on this aspect.

I have a family and kid(s) too, so I’m very sad to find out that they’re (quite deep) in debt. The fact that their son, Benjamin, suffers from ADHD doesn’t help the situation. Yes, I read a lot from his blogs and website tonight.

And, some people still had to make it more difficult for them, by spreading lies about Rob. Unbelieveable, but part of me is happy that Rob is now free from these bullies.

Rob has dedicated 12 years of his life for Freenode. For this duration, he lived in poverty. Yet he believed in it, and persisted. He helped grew Freenode from 3000 users service to more than 30000 users; profiting many open source projects in the process. We may owe this man more than we know.

Rest in peace Rob. You deserved it.

I’ll register a monthly donation through his spinhome website, to help support his family a bit. If you can as well, please do. It’s the least we can do now for him.

5 Movies for the Bubble child

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Let’s pretend that recently there’s a bubble child just stepped on our world, finally able to get out from its plastic prison thanks to its body’s immunity system recovery.
Having lived all his live in isolation, you’re asked to choose 5 movies to show to him which will quickly get him to understand the world he’s in now.

Which movies will you choose ?

Here’s my list :

  1. Living with hunger : If you have easy access to food & clean water, you’re actually a minority on earth.
  2. The Insider : Mega corporations are indeed abusing us.
  3. Erin Brockovich : to realize the most important fact about legal system in most countries - they are not siding with the weak and poor.
  4. V for Vendetta : The government doesn’t always work in your best interests.
  5. Kingdom of Heaven : it IS possible for various religions / races / skin colours to live together in peace and harmony.

What’s your list ?

Thanks to Stephen Booth for the idea.

A+, bahasa pemrograman untuk bidang Keuangan

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

A+ adalah sebuah bahasa pemrograman yang dibuat khusus untuk kebutuhan bisnis, terutama pada bidang keuangan.

Uniknya, A+ ini di develop oleh staf Morgan Stanley, dan lalu kemudian dirilis dengan lisensi GPL ! Morgan Stanley terus mendukung development A+ sampai saat ini.

Morgan Stanley adalah perusahaan terbesar 38 di dunia, dan masuk di dalam daftar Forbes 500. Morgan Stanley banyak menggunakan berbagai software yang dibuat oleh staf IT mereka sendiri dengan menggunakan bahasa A+, dengan hasil yang bisa kita lihat sendiri.

Quote :

A+ is a descendent of the language “A” created in 1988 by Arthur Whitney at Morgan Stanley. At the time, various departments had a significant investment in APL applications and talent, APL being a language well-suited to the manipulation of large arrays of numbers. As technology was moving from the mainframe to distributed systems, there was a search for a suitable APL implementation to run on SunOS, the distributed platform of the period. Not happy with the systems evaluated, Arthur, motivated by management, wrote one geared to the business: large capacity, high performance. He was joined in his efforts as the language took on graphics, systems’ interfaces, utility support, and an ever-widening user community. Over the course of the next few years, as the business began to reap tangible value from the efforts, the pieces were shaped into a consistent whole and became A+.

A+ soon became the language of choice for development of Fixed Income applications. It offered familiarity to the APL programmers, the advantages of an interpreter in a fast-paced development arena and admirable floating-point performance. A significant driver was that many of Morgan Stanley’s best and brightest were the developers and supporters of the language. Through their practical application of technical values, they instilled fervent enthusiasm in talented programmers, regardless of their programming language backgrounds.