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Friday, June 30th, 2006

From Boing Boing :

Update to the TA Community insiders: Due to the complicated nature of the planned upcoming move to a private paid members only community, changes will not be formally announced until sometime in August. Current ‘free sites’ will be suspended starting July 1 with a planned deletion scheduled for the fall 2006. DO NOT QUESTION me about these changes as NOTHING will be said in advance of the official notices. THANK YOU for your consideration in this regard. From *Janet on June 8, 2006 2:30am

This is indeed their rights, but it’s not a nice thing to do. BB seems to agree with me on this as well. may said that they’re having problems footing the bill for the heavy-users, but the average Joe User is not aware at all - and suddenly they got the kick.
For this unaware (and light users), TA should at least offer a cheaper subscription, or help them migrate to other moblog site (option like “download all photos as a single ZIP file” would be really nice). But no, treated everyone the same.

So I’ve had enough - I’ve setup my own gallery, and moved my photos there.
I had to left a lot more photos at due to lack of time to move them to this new one, so yes, I’m still bitter.

Got myself an account @ for about the same price of’s subscription fee; and a whole lot more - hosting facility for my blogs, websites, emails, mailing lists, loads of space which gets bigger every week (yes you read it right), and so on. A much better deal indeed.

But what’s more important is the fact that Dreamhost is probably the biggest webhoster in USA, and you can bet that they have the resources to give you the best & reliable service. My own experience is that usually I found out about a problem from their status website - not by experiencing the problem myself. This is a very nice change.

If you want to sign-up to Dreamhost, just click here.
I’ve also got a special promotion deal with them, so if you enter HSS8888 as the promo code when you sign up, then you can get discount up to US$ 50. Making it actually a cheaper deal than

What if you want a freebie moblog service ?
Well there are quite a few, but you need to keep in mind that they can turn back against you at anytime just like That said, the folks at promised that they won’t do that, and if you need help to move your photos from, you can give this software a try.
Am I nice or what ?

OK I’ve wasted enough time because of this, so gotta go back to work. Hope this helps a few of you out there.

Old sk00l

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

A few days ago I met with my cousin who’s still in his early days at university. He’s a nice chap, socialize quite a lot, and it’s hard for anyone not to like him. We talked about a lot of things, and in the middle of it, the topic changed to FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

He mentioned a day when he played in a gamecenter, when suddenly others gathered around him in confusion. Somebody then commented, “Why the mouse movement is inverted? It’s very confusing”.
He had the “invert mouse” settings enabled. He started to observe the others, and realized, that today, nobody uses this setting.

We laughed until it hurts. Then I vaguely remember that when he’s much younger, I’ve sneaked them (him, his brother, my brother) to my office, and we played Quake I multiplayer together. It was a load of fun — and since I played it with “invert mouse” setting enabled, so did he. From then on, he played FPS games with the “invert mouse” setting enabled.

I commented about a game I found in their computer, I think it’s called True Crime. Tried to play it, but the game has no “invert mouse” setting. My aim was totally screwed up because of it. We laughed again.

The whole conversation reminded me about a proposal we made for Sampoerna. In 1999, the Indonesian Quake II community was approached by Indo-Ad about the possibility to do a multiplayer gaming competition for their client, Sampoerna. We gathered and quickly submitted a proposal. I was not able to further followed it up because I already moved abroad, but I think the plan didn’t go forward.
Before that, I was also approached by Indosat on the possibility to create online game community and events. I have had meetings with their contact person, but then I had to move to United Kingdom, and the talks stopped.

I took a quick look around my backup - and turned out that I still got that proposal for Sampoerna. So [ here it is ] for your enjoyment, a blast from the past.

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server @ VPC 2004

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Just tried installing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake) on Virtual PC 2004, and the installation screen was messed up. It shown only a portion of the installation screen.
Here’s how to fix it:

1. When booting up from the CD, you’ll see a menu. Press ESC there, where it’ll tell you that you’re about to switch to text-mode. Choose OK

2. You’ll see a prompt like this : boot:

3. To continue, just type this: install debian-installer/framebuffer=false

4. Press Enter, and the screen should show up OK on VirtualPC 2004.

So far so good. Hope it helps.

note: Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server doesn’t install a GUI desktop (gnome/kde). If you need it, just type : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
(need internet access and properly set-up /etc/apt/sources.list file)

Daging buatan

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006

Para ilmuwan kini telah berhasil membuat daging buatan yang bisa dimakan

Komentar pertama saya : uhhhhh…. *muntah* :)

Tapi tidak diragukan lagi, dengan berjalannya waktu, maka bisa jadi daging buatan ini menjadi lebih bagus, bergizi, sehat, enak, dan murah daripada daging betulan. Tapi, saya akan tetap berusaha untuk tidak memakannya :)
Biarlah para astronot pada misi ke Pluto saja yang memakannya, he he.

btw; bagaimana kalau di dalam Islam ya mengenai daging seperti ini, apakah halal, atau haram ?
Thoughts ?

Disastrous holiday …

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Last Monday until Tuesday I went to Sukabumi in a family event, also in relation to school holiday. We got ourselves a nice villa in the middle of nowhere, and started enjoying the break. The kids were running around and screaming as loud as possible. The parents enjoyed the gentle mountain breeze… until,

Suddenly my phone rang, and then came the news about the death of my client’s main server. The resulting crisis needs to be handled immediately.
The on-site staff unfortunately are not knowledgeable enough to handle this situation. And it takes too much time to go back to Jakarta.

So I quickly opened my laptop and try to connect to the Internet using my Pro XL subscription. The signal was pretty weak, only about 3 bar. Then I remember, that if I changed my phone’s orientation, sometimes the signal’s strength will change. So I started looking for the right place to put the phone, and finally got full signal when the phone was placed pointing to the corner of the room.
Don’t ask me why, I was just happy that I got full signal. Internet access became pretty fast, enough for me to access the office remotely.
I’m still quite surprised by the signal’s strength, considering my location. Thanks XL.

I quickly worked to restore the services originally hosted on that server. The main one is the company’s ERP - with the available backup, I managed to get it up and running again in another server.
Then I started looking to resurrect the dead server.

Unfortunately, the dead server seems to have its motherboard fried. With help from a friend, my staff managed to secure a SCSI card, plugged it into another server, plugged the SCSI hard drive - and voila, it runs. That temporary server booted from the SCSI hard drive just fine. Debian detected that it’s now on different server, did a few auto detection, and then everything runs as before. Every single bloody thing. Even when the servers are totally different - different motherboard, memory, processor, etc.
I can’t help but to fell in love again with Debian.

So I turned off the services on the other server, and redirected the users to the server running on the original hard drive. My staff then sent the dead server to the vendor for repairs.
Expecting a sad ending? Thankfully, that’s not the case here :)

Weblog Menhan makin sering di update

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Setelah masyarakat menyadari bahwa Menteri Pertahanan kita mempunyai blog dan memberikan respons positif, blog beliau sepertinya makin sering saja di update. Ada total 5 posting pada saat ini. Menyenangkan sekali bisa membaca berita langsung dari sumbernya, tanpa perantara.
Semoga makin lancar komunikasi dari situ, dan moga-moga menteri lainnya juga tertarik untuk mengikuti jejak beliau.

Matahari mengelilingi Bumi

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Salah satu kebahagiaan saya dulu adalah ketika bisa menikmati isi dari berbagai buku. Buku, bagi saya, adalah gerbang ke berbagai dunia lainnya yang, tanpa buku, tidak akan pernah bisa saya ketahui. Walaupun masih SMP, saya mau bersepeda dari Pondok Indah sampai ke daerah Mayestik, agar bisa mendatangi Perpustakaan Jakarta Selatan. Gedung yang sepi itu adalah salah satu tempat dimana saya menemukan kedamaian, dan pencerahan.

Kini saya melihat buku dengan lebih berhati-hati. Terlalu banyak materi yang tidak berkualitas yang entah kenapa berhasil berubah wujud menjadi bentuk buku. Kini, tidak setiap buku mampu memberikan pencerahan kepada Anda.
Salah satunya adalah ini, dicetak dalam edisi lux pula :

Dikutip dari hal 103:

…lalu sejak saat itulah teori ini dianut oleh hampir seluruh manusia - sampaipun kaum muslimin - tanpa berusaha meneliti ulang apakah teori itu benar ataukah tidak.

Entah bagaimana dengan penulis buku ini sendiri, sudahkah ybs sendiri telah berusaha meneliti ulang : apakah penafsiran qur’an nya memang telah tepat & sesuai dengan kenyataan ? Apakah ybs memang sudah berhasil membuktikan secara ilmiah dan konklusif, bahwa memang matahari lah yang mengelilingi bumi ?

Dari yang saya baca, kelihatannya tidak. So, just another case of “do as I say, not as I do” ?

“..sebuah kepastian al-Qur’an..” ? Mbok ya kalau menafsirkan, jangan diakui sebagai kepastian.
Apalagi penafsiran ngawur dari banyak ayat Qur’an, seperti di dalam buku ini. Nanti yang punya kitab sucinya bisa jadi marah kepada sampeyan lho.

Keterangan lengkap:
Judul buku: “Matahari mengelilingi bumi, sebuah kepastian al-Qur’an dan as-Sunnah serta Bantahan terhadap teori bumi mengelilingi matahari”
Pengarang: ahmad sabiq bin abdul lathif abu yusuf
Penerbit: pustaka al-furqon

Dunia Akademis kita

Monday, June 19th, 2006

Disclaimer: saya tidak menyatakan bahwa situasi pada posting ini adalah situasi pada seluruh institusi pendidikan kita di Indonesia. Ini hanya beberapa contoh, dan mudah-mudahan tidak demikian halnya di institusi-institusi lainnya.

[ 1 ] Kawan saya bercerita mengenai seorang dosen di Universitas negeri terbesar di Indonesia. Dosen ini senang terjun ke lapangan, mengadakan proyek-proyek yang riil, dan menulis berbagai hasilnya di berbagai media. Jumlah pointnya sudah 2000, sedangkan jumlah point yang dibutuhkan untuk menyandang gelar profesor adalah 800.
Apa yang terjadi ? Karena kebetulan yang berpengaruh di jurusannya adalah koleganya yang menganut aliran textbook (baca buku-buku teori, hafalkan, maka nilai siswa akan bagus. Penghuni menara gading), maka dosen ini masih tetap belum menjadi profesor.

Untunglah hal ini tidak menjatuhkan semangat dosen tsb. Ybs sampai saat ini terus berkiprah di bidangnya secara aktif, dan malah lebih populer di dunia internasional daripada di negerinya sendiri.

[ 2 ] Sebuah universitas Islam, adalah tempat seorang kawan saya mengabdi. Suatu hari mereka mendapatkan proyek dari luar negeri dengan jumlah yang cukup besar. Maka dengan penuh semangat, kawan saya menyampaikan rencana-rencana kerja untuk realisasi proyek ini. Rencana-rencana tersebut penuh idealisme, sesuai dengan yang dituntut oleh proyek tersebut, dengan hasil yang nyata baik untuk lingkungan maupun dunia riset akademis.

Apa komentar atasan dan koleganya ? “Lha, nanti untuk uang saku kita mana ?”

Proyek tersebut (dan proyek-proyek selanjutnya) kemudian dikerjakan ala kadarnya, dengan sehemat mungkin. Laporannya dibuat dengan bagus, untuk menyenangkan pemberi proyek. Sisa dana proyek kemudian dibagi beramai-ramai antara mereka semua, termasuk juga pihak universitas.

Needless to say, my friend is now looking actively for another job, so he can quit this institution.

[ 3 ] Ada seorang yang baik yang (lucky me) adalah kawan saya yang cukup akrab. Suatu ketika, beliau mendapat kepercayaan untuk memimpin sebuah SMP boarding school di luar kota Jakarta.
Beliau memimpin dengan bijaksana dan penuh kasih sayang kepada semua orang. Maka tentu saja semua orang menjadi sayang juga kepada beliau; para staf, para murid, dan bahkan para orang tua murid.

Ternyata, pelaksana yayasan pemilik sekolah tersebut malah menjadi cemas melihatnya. Bukannya gembira.
Mereka tidak senang melihat kawan saya tersebut menjadi populer. Maka, orang-orang hasad ini kemudian memecat kawan saya tersebut. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’un.
Walaupun kemudian para murid dan orang tua mereka mendemo keputusan yayasan tersebut, namun pihak yayasan tidak bergeming, dan tetap mengusir kawan saya dari posisinya tersebut.

Dengan istri dan anak tiga, alangkah beratnya beban kawan saya tersebut ketika beliau mendadak menjadi pengangguran seperti itu. Alhamdulillah, karena beliau memang muslim yang kualitasnya sangat jauh di atas saya, maka beban ini tidak ada terlihat berat pada beliau sama sekali. Masya Allah.
Semoga Allah swt akan menggantikannya dengan yang lebih baik, amin.

Rants over.

Number #2 on Google

Monday, June 19th, 2006

This morning, again, I received another comment for a very old post. Of course this is pretty surprising, considering that the post is almost 2 years old. But what’s more surprising is when I tried searching for pc world sucks in Google.

Guess what’s coming out second ? yep, that old post again.

Nothing like a little bit of fun to start your day, hehe. Anyway, I hope that the info in that post (and its comments) have helped quite a lot of people. That’d definitely made my day.

Blog Menteri Kita

Friday, June 16th, 2006

Pagi ini saya kebetulan membaca posting Priyadi yang baru, dan judulnya membuat surprise - Blog Menteri Pertahanan Indonesia.
“Ah mosok iya?”, lalu saya klik link di posting tersebut. Eh, ternyata benar.

Sejak masih menjabat sebagai Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Inggris, saya sudah terkesan dengan beliau karena kesahajaan dan kemampuannya untuk membaur dengan masyarakat. Saya rasa saya cukup mewakili komunitas Indonesia di Inggris ketika saya katakan bahwa kita gembira ketika mendengar bahwa beliau dipilih oleh SBY untuk memegang jabatan sebagai Menteri Pertahanan Indonesia.
Alhamdulillah, kalau pun sekarang beliau sudah sulit untuk bertemu langsung dengan seluruh masyarakatnya (rakyat Indonesia), dimana dulu di Inggris masih memungkinkan, tetapi kini kita jadi bisa bersilaturahmi melalui blog milik beliau.

Acung jempol untuk Pak Juwono, dan semoga makin banyak pejabat kita yang mau membukakan diri kepada rakyatnya.

Hi Roy ! Trend sesaat huh ? (Pak Juwono) Sumber data yang ngawur ? ;)